• We need Wi-Fi for a special event.

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    We can setup Wi-Fi for special events, call the customer service line and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

  • How can I connect more than one device?

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    By purchasing a separate service for each device or a plan that supports multiple devices.

  • If I log off does the countdown stop?

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    No once you log on the countdown continues until you are out of your paid time.

  • Are postpaid plans available?

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    Not at this time only prepaid plans are available.

  • How do I get service in the home?

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    Purchase a booster and installation for $10,000 and it comes with a free months of service.

  • You’re in my area but I can’t get the service in my home.

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    The signal may not go through your walls, a booster will be required to provide service inside your

    home. Call 508-4657 and speak to NOBLE customer care to confirm service ...

  • Can I use the service elsewhere?

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    Once you have purchased the service you can use it anywhere we have service at no additional cost.

  • Why is the connection slow and disconnects?

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    NOBLE is currently building out our network, some areas are not covered. If you venture outside of our coverage zone you may experience some slowness or lose connectivity.

  • Does logging out stop my session?

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    No this does not. Once you’ve logged on for the first time, your package is activated and will be active until the purchased time ends. For example a 1 day ...

  • What is an SSID?

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    Service Set Identifier (SSID) – This is commonly called the “network name”.