About Us


NOBLE is a Jamaican Subsidiary of a communications company founded in Canada, one of our founders is Jamaican. Our team members are experts, offering state of the art services that are greatly needed for tourists in Jamaica. With NOBLE your hotel can offer the convenience of Wi-Fi. We focus on the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Our long term goal is to provide affordable internet connectivity to Jamaica, and make our services available to everyone. NOBLE Wi-Fi endeavors to provide state-of-the-art wireless connectivity for Jamaica. Data connectivity in Jamaica is currently hampered by spotty access and expensive cellular roaming charges. NOBLE plans to provide effective connectivity for travelers and residents by:

  • Implementing affordable, easily pre-paid direct billing access to its Wi-Fi infrastructure, eliminating data roaming charges
    Providing wireless coverage, allowing customers to move between all areas serviced for one fee
  • Creating a quality, easily accessible, safe and reliable service experience to access the Internet
  • NOBLE will provide a “first world” experience to tourists, assisting in enhancing Jamaica’s tourism industry.


With the popularity of mobile devices and social media amongst tourists, access to wireless technology makes it easy for vacationers to post pictures and update statuses. Wi-Fi enhances vacations and gives your guests the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family. Access to Wi-Fi in trendy tourist destinations is the perfect way to attract more customers to your establishment, making it a destination choice. Wi-Fi from NOBLE offers many flexible options and we provide custom passcodes and faster services for your guest.

Our packages offer: Technical/Guest Support, Integrated Billing System, and Fully Managed Services.

  • Hardware warranty and replacement
  • Network Monitoring
  • Reporting and statistics